We sell forest land in Estonia. Forest for sale in Estonia

Are you looking to buy forest land in Estonia? Having been active in the Estonian land market since 1994, we are aware of the market situation and all the details related to acquiring forest land on the local market. Are you looking to buy a small forest land plot? Or a large tract of forested land? We always have a range of forest land plots on sale and we actively seek to find new forest lands to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We sell forest land with mature trees ready for timber harvesting, deforested land, and many other types of forest land. We have forest land plots of different sizes on sale.

The forest land has been labeled ‘the green gold’ in banking and investing circles because of its ability to maintain and even increase value in every economic situation. As a result of natural growth, the return on investment ranges from 3-5% a year, but with competent management could be as high as 10% a year.

With the demand for timber on the rise in Europe, investment in Estonian forestland and forest is a great way to maintain and also increase the viability of one’s investment portfolio.

Want to buy a deforested land with a lower price, to grow it into a viable and profitable forest? Or maybe you are looking for a plot with a forest that is ready for harvesting? We sell forest land and can help you find a forest of suitable size and type considering your needs and interests.

As we have extensive knowledge of forestry and land transactions, we can foresee any problems in land acquisition and help prevent them. Want to tap into our knowledge of the Estonian land market and make an informed decision? Contact us.

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