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We are actively buying and selling arable land, forest land and farms in Estonia.

We are offering investors the opportunity to take advantage of price convergence within the EU.

Our services include private equity land management funds and land management services.

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Clients about us

I’ve known some of the people at ESTEST PR since 2006, when I was putting together the detailed planning for a new residential area in Rapla and we started working together. What stood out to me was their determination and drive in the way they looked for answers to (and solved) problems. Their knowledge of all things real estate impressed me, too. I’d definitely recommend ESTEST PR’s services, since I know first-hand that they’ll find the solution you need whether you’re buying or selling property, and no matter how complicated the issues involved.


I’ve been working with ESTEST PR and their clients doing surveying work since 1999. I’ve had to deal with things like restituting land, dividing up plots and forming land into registered immovables. In the course of all this you often find that legal issues and other issues arise that you need answers to straight away, and the team at ESTEST PR have always been able to come up with professional solutions fast. So whatever land-related issues you’re dealing with, I highly recommend the company – they won’t let you down.


Forest land and agricultural land in Estonia

Nowadays, more than 50% of Estonian land is covered by forests. With the growing forest land area, the prices of forest land and timber are also on a constant rise.

The prices of Estonian forest land mainly depend on the size and accessibility of the plot, the reserve of growing forest and whether the area is subject to conservation restrictions. The average forest land hectare price in Estonia ranges between €3,000 – €10,000.

The value of agricultural land in Estonia has been on a constant rise for more than a decade. The main drivers of agricultural land value have been the subsidies provided by the EU.

Although the value of agricultural land has been on a constant rise, the prices in Estonia are still substantially lower than prices around Europe.

The forest land and agricultural land in Estonia are considered a sound investment. The land maintains its value regardless of the economic situation, which makes the investment relatively safe. With the right management, in addition to the general increase in land prices, the forest and land in Estonia can generate annual profits ranging from 3-10%.

We have a wide range of forest land and agricultural land plots for sale. We sell forests, agricultural land, farms and farmlands in Estonia – big and small. In our portfolio, we have small land plots for sale starting from 2-3 hectares within a moderate €3,000 – €10,000 price range.

In addition, we assist with the purchasing process of forest land and agricultural land. We offer a wide range of forest and land management services. We are always looking to manage forests and lands in a sustainable way.

Sustainable forest management is the use of forests and woodlands in a way, that maintains their biological diversity, productivity, regeneration capacity and potential to fulfill, both now and in the future. It considers relevant ecological, economic and social functions, at local and global levels, without causing damage to other ecosystems.

Want to buy or sell land in Estonia? Or need some help with land management? Our experienced land experts can handle small land plots as well as large land tracts. Contact us for more information.