We sell agricultural and forest land for investment. Whether you are looking for a large tract of land, a small forested lot or a farm – we can help you.

For the past 15 years, the price of Estonian agricultural and forest land has been steadily increasing, but compared to Scandinavian prices, there is still room for growth. In recent decades, land investments have shown to be more profitable in Estonia than investments in residential and commercial real estate. Furthermore, land investments have ensured stable growth in every economic situation.

Whether you are a big or small investor – investing in Estonian land is worth it.

Interested in buying arable or forest land as an investment?

We sell forest and agricultural land as well as farms with land included. What type of land would you like to invest in?

Want to buy forest and agricultural land in Estonia? What are the benefits when buying from us:

We have been buying, selling and managing forest and agricultural land since 1994. We have extensive experience and we can recommend a property that meets the specific needs of our clients.

Our private equity funds are the sole owners of all properties and know all aspects related to property purchase or sale – this helps us avoid unexpected surprises and problems during the purchasing process. All land tracts are for sale and available immediately. The property will be sold for a price seen at our website to the first bidder – you will avoid a bidding war that can arise when purchasing from a private owner.

Handling land transactions is our daily job and we can quickly provide information on tracts of land for sale. You don’t need to contact different vendors or real estate agents when choosing between several properties. You can get all the necessary information quickly from one place.

When buying from us, you buy directly from the owner which means there are no commissions. The real estate agent usually charges commission from the vendor, but it is actually paid by the purchaser.

If you would like to increase your land portfolio by purchasing several land plots at once, we can be more flexible with the price.

Would you like to invest in agricultural and forest land in Estonia?

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