Acquisition and management of agricultural land and forests in Estonia

More than half of Estonian land (51%, which is approximately 2,3 million hectares) is covered by forest. In terms of forest coverage, Estonia holds the 4th place in Europe, behind Finland, Sweden, and Slovenia.

Forest land and agricultural land are considered among the most profitable and also the safest investments in Estonia. The value of forests and arable land grows steadily even when the economy suffers from setbacks. This means that there is a great interest in purchasing land in Estonia.

With the right management, the land in Estonia can generate a considerable annual profit earned from forest growth or agricultural land rentals.

An average plot of agricultural land or forest land is approximately 15-20 hectares, but we can offer larger farms and landholdings of 300 hectares or more as well. There is also the possibility to assemble a package of land plots in the investor’s target area.

We can provide all the services related to land investments and management, along with consultations about EU subsidies for forestry and agriculture in Estonia.

Our Land Managers can handle everything from 100 – 20,000 hectares to help private owners and investment companies with the management of their forests and lands. With over 25 years of experience in land acquisition and management, we know how to get the best out of every land plot and forest.

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