Professional advice. Due diligence

The demand for due diligence in forest land and agricultural land purchase is constantly rising together with the awareness of the buyers. We can help our clients with due diligence in order to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises in their forest or agricultural land purchase.

When the prospective buyer contracts the land ‘subject to due diligence’, then the obligation to buy is conditional and it is upon the buyer to:

  • carry out a due diligence investigation of the land and the matters relevant to the land, within a set time period; and
  • find satisfying answers, within the time period, to all matters that may be relevant to their decision to purchase the land.

In simple terms, real estate due diligence is a thorough survey of the land plot which brings together all the useful and necessary information for the buyer to make an informed decision. This means that the buyer can rely on their own investigation and judgment to decide, whether the forest or agricultural land in hand is a sound investment.

With our extensive knowledge in acquiring and managing Estonian land, we can provide professional advice on the matters related to acquiring or managing a new land plot. We can support you on every step of the purchasing process and find problems or limitations that the seller may not even be aware of.

Want to make an informed decision in your forest or agricultural land purchase? Contact us for professional advice.