Forest land acquisition. We help with buying agricultural land

The value of Estonian farmland and forests is steadily growing in every economic situation but has a long way to go before reaching the prices of Scandinavian land. The land in Estonia, for a long time, has been a rewarding investment – and still is today. The growing prices of timber show that the forest land is not only a long-term investment but can also provide annual profits earned from the natural growth of forests.

EstEst PR offers highly qualified forestland and agricultural land acquisition services for private investors and investment funds. We always have a variety of smaller and bigger plots on sale and we are actively seeking to expand our land portfolio to meet the needs of our every client.

Would you like to buy a smaller 2-3 hectare land plot in Estonia for a €3000 – €10,000? Or a 400-hectare farmland? We sell forest land and agricultural land plots in Estonia that compliment every clients’ portfolio. We constantly have a wide range of land for sale.

Why you should consider an investment in Estonian forest and land:

  • It’s a stable long-term investment supported by natural growth and a steady rise in land prices
  • It’s relatively safe and a great way to preserve your assets
  • There is a full range of services available to help you in managing your land investment
  • High demand for forest land and arable land makes it easy to sell the land when the price is right
  • The increasing demand for timber in the Baltic Sea region drives the growth of land and timber prices – the Scandinavian markets are actively moving towards using more and more renewable natural resources to increase sustainability.

Estonia has a long tradition of exporting timber products to the Scandinavian market having a considerable market share and demand for timber and timber products.

We help private investors and investment funds with acquiring the forest land and agricultural land plots or a set of land plots that suit their portfolio, as well as manage the investments in a sustainable way. Our services for land acquisition include:

  • Finding suitable properties using our market intelligence and extensive experience
  • Real estate due diligence to assist our clients in making informed decisions
  • Financial advice – an assessment of the financial viability of the property
  • Assisting with carrying out transactions
  • Post-transaction services
  • Forest land and agricultural land management services etc.

Want to invest in agricultural or forest land in Estonia? We’ll let you tap into our experience to make a wise decision.