Agricultural land for sale in Estonia

Are you looking to buy agricultural land in Estonia as an investment? Or as an addition to your Estonian land portfolio? We can help you! With over 25 years of experience in the Estonian land market, we have a range of plots on offer and when needed, we will find suitable arable land plots that meet every client’s needs.

We sell agricultural land, meadows, arable land with forest etc. We also have farms with land on sale.

Agricultural land in Estonia has been one of the safest and most profitable investment options in the last decades, with the median price rising a staggering 757% in the last 15 years. As the prices are still a long way from the prices in Scandinavia, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Agricultural land is considered to be a relatively carefree investment because after the purchase the land is usually rented out for a longer period of time. It requires some management but much less than residential properties or commercial real estate.

As the farmers of Estonia are actively seeking to rent agricultural lands, there is a prospect of good annual profits. The market is active and farmers are seeking to enlarge their land portfolios on a regular basis, so it is relatively easy to cash in on your investment when the price feels right.

Want to invest in agricultural land in Estonia? Contact us – we help with the acquisition of land plots that meet your specific needs.

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